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Employee Assistance & Wellness

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our Employee Assistance Program (Resources for Living) is for each and every employee working for and within 27J Schools and independent of any health insurance carrier.

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EAP Counseling Benefit Instructions

EAP Orientation Video

Ginger: Personal Coaching & Therapy

Kaiser Permanente offers Ginger coaching at no cost to you for 90 days.

Ginger offers on-demand, confidential emotional support through text-based chats and self-guided activities all from the privacy of your smartphone.

Coaching: In broad terms, coaching is a short-term, solution-focused approach to reaching your goals. Instead of focusing on the past, coaching focuses on the present and taking action in your life to achieve your goals. Once we choose a goal or area to focus on, we can create a plan together to get you there, step by step. Ginger coaching is text based and takes place through messaging.

Therapy: on the other hand, generally focuses on healing both the past and present, processing trauma, managing diagnoses or learning to cope with deeper issues, such as depression, past trauma, grief, etc. Often, it is a process of exploration resulting in insight and a clearer understanding of who you are. Ginger therapy takes place via video chat.

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